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Shared purpose, then, is perhaps one of the most urgent aspects of the connected learning framework, in that the relationships that drive it are essential for motivation and, in turn, feeling and experiencing love in the classroom. – Danielle Filipiak, Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom

This week …

This week our focus is on shared purpose — a principle of connected learning that I find particularly interesting as well as complex. What are examples of shared purpose you have seen or experienced? What does it mean to learn with a shared purpose? And what are the implications?

Let’s start with some work by youth and adults. What is the role of shared purpose in these projects?

Let’s now turn back to the classroom and read the final curated chapter of Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom. Danielle Filipiak’s Chapter on Shared Purpose, starting on page 87, frames the three vignettes in this chapter with the idea of resistance, resilience and relationships. Read alongside Danielle, Jennifer Woolven, Robert Rivera-Amezola, and Bryce Anderson-Small and their learners.

Add to this a conversation with Danielle, Cindy O’Donnell-Allen her pre-service teachers at Colorado State about this topic (start around 5:10 to tap into this discussion):

Then go ahead and finish Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom this week, with a conclusion by Antero and an Afterward by me.

And then visit NWP Digital Is to see what shared purpose might look like in an extended educator community, this one organized around literacy in an increasingly digital and connected world. Take some time to browse the site with an eye towards shared purpose. What do you notice here when you do?


Since our shared purpose in this class is to explore connected learning and equity, let’s make a collaborative presentation about our work that we can ultimately share with others.

Here’s the prompt: “Equity in Connected Learning and Teaching. We’ve been seeking it. Here’s what we’ve been finding …”

Learn how-to add your slide here. (Note: Let’s not share this until we all feel that we are done with it … so go ahead and work on this together; you all should have editing access now.)

After you work on this, share your thinking on your blog and reflect on the implications of us having a shared purpose in this class. What other examples of shared purpose you have seen or experienced? What does it mean to learn with a shared purpose? And what are the implications?

Find 5/6/7

Find examples of shared purpose in this class, in any of the work mentioned above, and/or from NWP Digital Is.

Connecting this week

Remember that this week, on Thursday April 13th, we will gather again online at 7:30pm. This week we’ll be joined by Lana Iskandarani, an Arabic Language Instructor at West Chester University, who was a participant in ED677 last year.

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