Final Monday! Sharing Our Makes and Self-Assessments

Hello all. Wonderful to talk to many of you about your final makes last week. The work is inspiring!  (For those who couldn’t make it, I will post the archives in our Canvas site so you can find them easily).

This is our final week and final makes and self-assessments due to me anytime this week.  Please share your make on your blog, if possible, and describe what connected learning principles inform your work as well as in what ways your make supports equity.  You can email me your assessment if you don’t want to share that publicly.

Details about both are re-posted below.

Our Final Makes

Final “makes” should be something that you design that supports you in building towards equity and connected learning beyond this course. What you make can relate to your work with learners and/or in your professional learning.

Go back to your inquiry question/s and see where that leads you. Note that do you do not have to start from scratch— you can continue, remix, remediate something you or your classmates have already started in this class (or in any other). That said, I’d like you to take whatever you do to its next level (i.e. a new audience or purpose) and consider it as something you are creating that can help make connected learning and equity a reality in the world (in big or small ways).

When you share your final make, reflect on and describe what connected learning principles inform your work as well as in what ways your make supports equity.

And as per a request, here are some examples of final makes from ED677ers in the past.

Our Self-Assessments

Note that these are the same assessment questions we stopped to work on mid-semester so please refer back to your notes then and also review your blog and all of the work you’ve done this semester to support this process.

Performance expectations for this course have included:

  • Exploring the key principles of Connected Learning, with specific attention to issues of equity, as demonstrated through weekly making, reflecting and sharing.
  • Contributing regularly to our class discussions.
  • Engaging with others (another community, students, colleagues, etc.) outside this course each week and sharing that work with us.
  • Documenting and reflecting on your journey in support of your own assessment and reflection.
  • Create and share something to support your own work as well as others in thinking about connecting learning in equitable ways beyond the life of this course.

Here are the self-assessment questions:

  • How well do you feel you met these expectations this semester?
  • Where do you think you could have improved?
  • How do your successes and reflections on improvement inform your connected learning moving forward?
  • What else do you want me to consider when assessing your performance and participation over the past semester?

Happy sharing in the week ahead!

In Connected Learning Solidarity,


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