Designing for Equity, continues …

The Art Center felt like a makerspace for these students, and they did great work at little cost. — Art Matters

A Small Move Will be Made — Conequity

Each week, I glance at my peers blogs, and I feel that I’ve worked to build a clearer understanding of connected learning — Connected Learning, Maybe I”ll feel more creative later. TBD

Thank you for inspiring me and allowing me to continue grow with you. – Connecting

Connected learning is important because it allows all students to see the value in their thoughts, ideas, and contributions. – Connecting 1, 2, 3

This shared purpose has definitely made us stronger individuals and teachers and has greatly affected and increased our ability to implement true change and reform within our district. – Equity in Connected Learning

What I need to do now is figure out what makes my students live. – Education and the Arts

I observe them communicate while working on worksheets and other activities, but this was different. And I had a role, too! And my role was really out of my comfort zone. But, I survived! — Mrs. Kelly: Make and Take

Instead of being a “model teacher”, I will be a model learner for my students. I will model the learner that I want them to be. — Ms. Sunny’s Blog

As we consider the concept of equity, I think it’s important to remember that there’s no magic pill we can take or perfect instructions to follow. — Reflections on Peace and Equity

Connections can happen everywhere — Seeking Equity

My ultimate implications for connected learning and equity is to help recreate this system for students in the Philadelphia area so that everyone has a chance to benefit. — Tosch’s Ed. Blog

I see an effective open network as a continuing repeating process. — Seeking Equity in Connected Learning and Teaching

As a new teacher:
Reconnect with old classmates
then compare methods.
Solving the Math Puzzle

You all = Awesome.

This week we continue to work on our final makes. We will share them, even if they are still works-in-progress, on Thursday or Friday nights. Please make sure you all sign up for one of these evening gatherings or email me so that we can discuss an alternative plan.

Nice work on our Equity in Connected Learning presentation! I made a copy that we can share publicly without our comments. Here is a short URL:

Here are some ideas/suggestions about how to do that.

  • Share a link on your blog post this week as part of your blog/reflection (see below).
  • Post it on social media. If you want to try to tweet, here is an example of a tweet you can experiment with (feel free to edit of course).

    We have been seeking #equity in #connectedlearning. Here’s what we have been finding: @arcadiasoe #techquity #ED677

  • One of us should post it to the Arcadia Connected Learning Google Community.

BTW, Happening this week:

  • Throughout the week, there is an “annotathon” based on a chapter of a book we’ve looked at called By Any Media Necessary. The chapter is titled “Storytelling and Surveillance: The Precarious Public of American Muslim Youth” and there is a webinar Tuesday evening related to this you could also tap into. Find out more about this opportunity.
  • Check out the various blog posts about the work of LRNG Innovators. On May 1st we will announce the awards for the 2017 LRNG Innovators Challenge. And the 2015 awardees are in the process of sharing their work as we speak.

Blogging/Making this week

After participating in one of the sharing gatherings this week, blog about that experience. What was most exciting to you? What else did you notice? What questions did it raise? What ideas did it generate and what are your take-aways in terms of equity in connected learning and teaching?

In connected solidarity,


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