Production-Centered: Agency, Voice, and the “Maker Movement”

“The educational makerspace is based on student ownership of their learning.” Laura Fleming

This week …

Do you remember when Caine’s Arcade? Just because it’s so awesome let’s watch it again.

Also check out what kids are making at places like for inspiration in the week ahead.

This week we’ll focus on production-centered teaching and connected learning with a return to Teaching in the Connected Learning ClassroomRead Chapter 4: Production-Centered Classrooms by Clifford Lee alongside Jason Sellers, Christian McKay and Danielle Filipiak.

Let’s also look at the “Maker Movement.” Get an overview with Erica Halverson and Kimberly Sheridan via The Maker Movement in Education from Harvard Educational Review (PDF available in Canvas if this link doesn’t work for you). And watch Leah Buechley, mentioned in the article; she brings a more critical eye to this movement and talks through its key promises and equity challenges: Thinking about Making.

Eyeo 2014 – Leah Buechley from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

Next, dive into the work of Seymour Papert — a mathematician, scientist and educator from MIT — who is known as the father of constructionism. Papert and Harel’s introduction Situating Constructionism from the 1991 book Constructionism gives a good overview. Here are some additional collected resources from a recent book titled Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom.

Finally, listen into this discussion about Making, Coding and Writing with Mitch Resnick of MIT, Dale Dougherty of Make Magazine, and Elyse Eidman-Aadahl of the National Writing Project.

You might also want to check out these stories about making in two Philadelphia schools:


This week you are encouraged to make something you want to make inspired by your inquiry question this semester. And then blog about the implications of making and production (and agency in making/production) for connected learning and equity. Hopefully you will also share what you made!

You can make however you wish this time … you can cook, garden, build, sew, draw, collage, etc. If you want to go digital though, here are a few tools, ideas and materials I have lying around you are welcome to play with:

Still stuck? Here’s a few more ideas: Go to the thrift store and then hack a story or a toy. Or be inspired by Caine and do a Cardboard Challenge

Find 5

This week, find 5/6/7 things that inspire you to make and to create.

A Reminder

We will meet this week on Friday March 31 at 7:30pm. This time we will be joined by more previous students from ED677; Shayla H Amenra who is an educator, artist and maker who now runs her own non-profit and Robert Sidelinker, a local elementary teacher who has published about his work with games and connected learning. Arabic language educator, Lana Iskadarani, will join us in April.

And remember to check out Canvas for a link to the recorded link of the previous hangout with Kathy Walsh.

In learning and connecting solidarity,

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